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As of January 31, 2022, U-S Safety Trolley will no longer be accepting new system orders for our Span-Guard, Tri-Bar/Four-Bar, PowerGlide, or Tightwire products. Please reach out to your local representative for more information and inquiries about replacement parts (subject to availability).

All industrial and manufacturing environments require access to power. For those that require mobile electrification for their essential equipment, the U-S Safety Trolley suite of products is here to help.

Recognizing the need to bring safety to the manufacturing industry in the 1960s, our engineers designed and produced a mobile design with continuous, insulated copper conductor bars, and U-S Safety Trolley was born. Span-Guard is the first system that was designed, and consists of a solid copper conductor bar within a patented self-sealing vinyl cover. This joint-free design ensures a continuous connection to power while also keeping out dirt and grime and significantly decreasing the risk of employee injury due to the protective cover.

The Tri-Bar/Four-Bar system followed soon after, offering a joint-free design with three and four bar models and in custom fabrications. Its ability to be molded into bends, loops or ovals makes it the perfect power solution for assembly lines and custom or atypical workflow layouts.

Sometimes an industrial or manufacturing environment requires an electrical conductor system that’s compact, quick and easy to install and available at a low price point. These are some of the factors that were taken into consideration when designing the next two trolley products. PowerGlide offers a single-piece insulator containing four conductors, all held within aluminum housing with an optional closure strip. The 90 amp size makes it ideal for hoists, monorails and lightweight cranes within a manufacturing facility. TightWire is a similarly designed system that offers 90 amps in a one-piece, lightweight design, eliminating bulky space requirements and drastically reducing the amount of installation hardware and man power needed.