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Factory Assembly Lines

Assembly lines have been the norm for production facilities since the Industrial Revolution. The Tri-Bar/Four-Bar copper conductor bar system has been relied on to supply power to these factory assembly lines for decades.

Tri-Bar/Four-Bar is not only able to power the moving conveyer belt of an assembly line, but it can also supply power to the products as they travel down the line. This is particularly useful for testing appliances or other electronic goods as they’re still being built and worked on; saving time and money by eliminating another step in the production process.

The mobile power system is completely jointless, meaning no connectivity issues and less maintenance, and can be factory shaped to fit any specific curve or loop in an assembly line layout. Most importantly, Tri-Bar/Four-Bar’s superior materials and design make it extremely durable and reliable- eliminating the possibility of costly downtime.

For further information and specific installation examples, please visit the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar product page.