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Amusement Park Rides

As of January 31, 2022, U-S Safety Trolley will no longer be accepting new system orders for our Span-Guard, Tri-Bar/Four-Bar, PowerGlide, or Tightwire products. Please reach out to your local representative for more information and inquiries about replacement parts (subject to availability).

To effectively operate amusement park rides, a mobile power system must be safe and reliable. The Tri-Bar/Four-Bar continuous electrical conductor bar system possesses both qualities, and is installed at multiple amusement parks across the United States, including Epcot at Walt Disney World, Six Flags, Cedar Point and Idlewild Park to name a few.

Tri-Bar/Four-Bar has one feature that the other U-S Safety Trolley products do not: the ability to be factory shaped into curves, loops and twists. This, combined with its heavy duty, joint-free design is what has made the system an ideal solution for running park rides. Due to the conductor bar being continuous, the collectors can seamlessly travel down the bar without the hang ups that commonly occur with jointed systems. This also equals less wear and tear on the power system, which means less maintenance is required in the future.

This time-tested, solid copper conductor bar system has been running for decades, and is available in 100 and 125 amps with collectors in 35, 70, and 125 amps; and power pickups in 15, 30, and 50 amps.

For further information and specific installation examples, please visit the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar product page.