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Time-tested, joint-free conductor bar systems.

For nearly 60 years, U-S Safety Trolley (a division of Starline Holdings, LLC.) has been an innovator in delivering flexible power solutions to a variety of industries. In the 1960’s, the company recognized the need to bring safety to the manufacturing industry. This was because the wiring method found in existing overhead cranes and related electrical equipment was very dangerous. U-S Safety Trolley engineers envisioned a safer and more reliable design with insulated conductor bars and put it into production. Today, U-S Safety Trolley offers various reliable and safe conductor bar solutions for numerous manufacturing applications.

No-joint, continuous copper conductor bars.

U-S Safety Trolley pioneered no-joint electric conductor bars with our innovative crane electrification products including Span-Guard, Tri-Bar/Four-Bar, PowerGlide and TightWire. The most common source of mobile electrification problems are electrical joints in the conductor bar. These joints can become loose over time, expand and contract, overheat, and cause a loss in power. In order to avoid costly downtime and maintenance, U-S Safety Trolley designed all of its conductor bar systems to be completely joint-less.

Industrial power distribution you can trust.

Since its inception, U-S Safety Trolley has offered conductor systems with superior designs that are built with only the highest quality materials. This guarantees that the industrial power systems will have fewer parts to repair, require minimal maintenance and will be able to withstand the abuse that comes with harsh environments. With a long history of safer and more reliable designs, manufacturing facilities have come to rely on U-S Safety Trolley to greatly reduce their total cost of ownership with quick installation and low maintenance.